Wood Frames

High performance wood frames and beautiful design​.

Our wooden frames are developed in a European channel, thus providing products with high watertight, acoustic and thermal performance. Our products are delivered varnished or painted with glass, hardware and installed on site. Ulimax wooden frames are produced 100% customized and always respecting the perfect usability of the product. Our engineering team will be responsible for managing the entire installation process, ensuring deadlines and performance of our products.


Our minimalist LVW 40 wooden frame combines the minimalism of close-ups with the beauty and nobility of wood. Its pure appearance combined with the distinctive design language of modernist champions is a call to open space thinking. With its pulleys it realizes frictionless and unparalleled usability.

Wood Frames

Differentials - Wood Frames

Wood Frames


Our frames are prepared to receive glass from 4mm to 24mm.


Slidind Patio Doors, Sliding and Lift Patio Doors, Tilt & Turn, Outward.

Wood types

Carvalho, Sucupira, Freijó, Cumaru, Cedro Arana and Cedro Rosa.


Our frames are developed in a European System providing better performance in watertightness, acoustics and thermal.

LVW40 - Wood Minimal Frame

Wood Frame - Minimalist Sliding Door
Wood Frame - Minimalist Sliding Door

Solution for large glass frames with multi-point fittings for superior sealing.

Available to accommodate glass from 6mm to 22mm and frames developed to support loads of up to 500kg.

Several built-in drainage points guarantee the system's watertightness.

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