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40 years in the industrial market

For over 40 years, Ulimax strives to develop modern and innovative solutions in wood and aluminum. With extensive experience in the international market, Ulimax provides products with high performance and beautiful design.

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Where do we operate?


At Ulimax we have fully taylor made solutions in wood and aluminum. A team of engineers and architects guarantee the quality and performance of each product.


Our high production capacity gives us essencial requisites to take on the most complex projects. Our team is always aware of deadlines and quality, as each project requires special attention.

International Market / Export

More than 25 years of experience in the international market give us the opportunity to exchange experiences and know-how with the most diverse markets and cultures.

Ulimax Differentials

100% factory finished

Only total control over all manufacturing steps from kiln to varnish and painting processes can deliver a product with extreme quality and beauty.

High manufacturing capacity

Our production technology allows us to work with projects of different magnitudes and scopes simultaneously, but always guaranteeing high quality and on-time delivery.

Own installation team

Installation is carried out by our teams, whose training and experience over the years guarantee the high performance of our products.

Aluminum system

Our aluminum products have a proprietary system that aligns design and high performance, making them differentiated and exclusive.

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